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Bright Future: Beyond the Mirror contest!
Thank you everyone for participating, either as a contestant, or as a viewer. The response to my first Bright Future contest was much better than anything I could realistically hope for.
And now, in no particular order, the entries themselves.
:iconfuturefavorite: First up, FutureFavorite. Sneaking in right against the deadlines, with some seriously impressive Metatek and Biotek entries. Not only are there some really interesting character concepts in their entries, but there is a hint of the wider stories yet to be told. A worthy addition to the Bright Future, each and every one of them!
:icondaemoria:Daemoria 3 25
Commission: Trilobite-like Enemy Ship by VincentiusMatthew Commission: Trilobite-like Enemy Ship :iconvincentiusmatthew:VincentiusMatthew 83 1 [NOT MINE] TYPE-SIREN Render by Zaeta-K [NOT MINE] TYPE-SIREN Render :iconzaeta-k:Zaeta-K 27 3 Beyond the Mirror: Monument by C05M0NAUT Beyond the Mirror: Monument :iconc05m0naut:C05M0NAUT 10 5 Blood Yard by Daemoria Blood Yard :icondaemoria:Daemoria 105 16 Cold Wreck by entroz Cold Wreck :iconentroz:entroz 127 5 Danji Ship by entroz Danji Ship :iconentroz:entroz 279 45 POTATO SPACESHIP!! by entroz POTATO SPACESHIP!! :iconentroz:entroz 231 36


The amount of detail is absolutely stunning. And overall a very striking complexion to how the body is designed. The head isn't to uniq...

Hey all! I hope you all are doing well!

Recently I've come under a heavy work flow working on multiple projects like the work I do for Takamo, And i'm hoping to have more vitality stuff up soon, including the final page for the testing comic then i can start flashing out the story and detailing the world building a bit more into a true project, AND a new animated piece I'm working on with voice acting and everything!

This week things have slowed down and i'll have some more things up on dA in the next few days, alot of the things I've done i haven't posted yet, like WIP'S and prototype drawings, are due to waiting on the green light to post and waiting for the designs themselves to be finalized.

I've had some people ask me about opening a Patreon, And i have looked into it and considering opening one up in the next few weeks, this will of course, completely change my workflow and allow me to work around the clock whether on commissioned work, personal projects, or pumping out sketches and process work. It is not set in stone at the moment but I'm debating the idea and will keep everyone updated on that.

Being an artist in my field, I've decided to dedicate myself 100% to my artwork and pursue it full time. So I am surviving off of commission work for the time being until i can find a place to plug into.

If you like my art and want to support or hire me, I am available right now for commissioned work which you can read here for more information on prices and contact.

Commission PricesHello! everyone! reminder that commissions are still open, and I have constructed a list of pricing for each item.
I specialize in graphics, character, conceptual arts, so below is a list of all items with there hourly price ranges. Of course the price of all of these will depend solely on complexity, size, and contents of each individual piece.
(PLEASE BE ADVISED!!!, I do NOT accept Bit-coin, Da points, or any other kind of online currency. Payments may only be made in US dollars "$$$" via Paypal. I DO NOT WORK FOR FREE OR NON PAYED COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS AT THIS TIME.)
Sketches -30-75

quick single character paintings 100-125

Props, Weapon designs 75-125

Clean and processed single character paintings W/O backgrounds, 125-175

Thank you all for your time! and thank you to all who follow, support and enjoy my art and projects! Every favorite, watch, share, gallery addition, and feature does so much more then you think and helps get my name out there, I wouldn't be making it without people like you! I hope all of you the best and god bless!


Axeron Thumbnail Practice
Hey all, been realizing I'm sitting on a lot of work that has just been collecting dust and really does need to be posted. 

So expect some pretty frequent uploading for a while, I'll try to space it out so I'm not spamming. 

Anyway, I do some work for a Dev Studio called Ammobox, mostly concept and character designs and illustrations. they have been pushing me to get into a more streamlined, industry standard workflow such as creating mood boards, making thumbnails, creating Ortho sheets, and doing multiple character passes on a design. At first it seemed a bit overbearing but it really has helped define my designs. This set of thumbnails was one of those methods i was tasked with and I'm surprised how smoothly things go when you have a large variety of options even if you are restricted to a single design philosophy.  

Beyond The Mirror: Blighter

“They seek the end, I’ll make them fear the beginning.

Pleaders amongst the locks, 

They have laid the ground beneath my feet,

When they opened the gates of heaven, hell poured out.

In the birth of thought, of time maybe,

She came to me, like a prayer.

I will carry her with me, wherever I wander

I will take hold in her. She is my refuge.

I am her tower.

I will sow a place amongst my tapestry for her.

I will make the pleaders a footstool for our feet,

She is heaven’s gift to me, as I am to her.

They will despair, and all will rejoice.”


Finally it is done! My last and finale piece for Daemoria  ‘s contest, 

This contest has been an absolute blast and just what I needed to get my creative juices flowing again.

For my last piece I didn’t really want to focus on world building but to create a really nice character piece. I wanted the main focus to be comepletly the characters, but didn’t want to sacrifice on my poses, or an at least decent background, so I decided I didn’t have to, even if it cost me a few extra days to complete.

But hey, just under the deadline yeah?

There was this idea I had of having a sort of sisterhood like mentality between the two, albeit a forced and awkward one. Iotoma is a scruffed, composed, methodical, almost mechanical like being contrasted with a very flowing, childlike, sensual, and deadly being of immense power that looks at her and others with complete indifference. There is no need for Iotoma, to be under the Eldritch entity’s hand, she simply wishes it to be. Iotoma is merely a pawn in her crusade against the laughing swarm...

Thanks so much for everyone for follwing this collection of art posts and Daemoria for creating such a colorful and bizzare world!

Now back to our originally scheduled programming...
Beyond The Mirror: The Secret Parade

"MORMERA: Active sweep complete te, all contingencies keyed in and submitted to onboard registrar for review. 

LYLAMET: Looks good on tab reports , go ahead and finish your last round, then move up and update your comes per hundred te. afterwards you can punch out for the day.

MORMERA: Solid, aye-aima . And my dinner a-te?

LYLAMET: Ohmsha aila, the sooner your in the hotter it'l be

MORMERA: Ah How could I make a sultry voice wait? Ohmsha gahlai, commiting to final round and will dock after final review te. 


KESHUR: Lock up the T beams, then bump up per visual, te heima. Lock point identified, Oushei kasha te aermai? 

LYLAMET: Dock approval accepted, set number 556-28-A, status confirmed. 

KESHUR: Uhm....hang-on, 993, aquire fleet data? I'm showing remnant signatures that didn't preview on any initial prospect reports te, mostly just static and spacial junk. But I have 2 unregistered contigencies? 993-SA I need confirmation before docking.

LYLAMET: Its only a formality te, just submit it to R.M.O. for review. Eshumai te, It's there job to handle that stuff ga.

MORMERA:  Neac-tum shumyei ga. T'fijir te ga, requesting light fabrication utilitarion crew for dock assistance and shipment unloading, aila? I'll have my hands full with minor systems check te.

LYLAMET: Ohmsha aila, I'll run it by Resource. Good to have you back home safe te, I'll be expecting you tonight for drinks la? dress in something other then that harness I like...

KESHUR: This is not a secure channel aimala te..."


Another submission for Daemoria 's contest , The Bright Future - Contest entries and extension!, this time with colors!

I wanted to do some space work, but I wanted to make something dreamy, as if the fleet was traveling through a nebula or gas formation of some sort. This gave me a chance to play around with some new lighting techniques and really push a flamboyant color scheme. I like the simplicity of some of the space artwork that Daemoria does, and i also took alot of references from Homeworld pre production artwork to nail down that creamy, vast look contrasted with tight crunchy ship designs that really give it that sense of distance. Ive also been really diggin these ships with super bright and contrasting decals, and really out there colors, so I've also been trying to channel a bit of Peter elson for alot of my ships lately, most of which have not been posted yet.

Anyway, one more and we can return back to our scheduled programming. so stay tuned for the big finale!



The Secret Parade was the name given to a small Gier Trade fleet consisting of an outfit of 35 interceptors, 3 LUJIR class trade barge frigates, 10 tri-mag assault corvettes, 5 utility and transport corvettes, 3 scouting and recon corvettes, 1 ambassador corvette, and taking the lead was a ultra-heavy class super transport ship, the AMIERMA ULA, the second largest ship built by the Gier Trade Union.

It's crew consisted of 100 crew men and women, and 350 fabrications stowed for usage.

First established as an attempt to commit a branch of the Gier Trade Union navy to a specialized trade Force, the SECRET PARADE represented the pinnacle of Gier commerce, Aspiration, and pride. after 4 years of construction, new plans were drafted for an expedition that would transport countless amounts of Gier tech and raw goods to different systems outside Gier space, eventually stopping at the Illemina front for full restock, shipment pick up and departure back to Gier space.

Despite a succsesful launch and all reports indicating a smooth and easy voyage, the SECRET PARADE went dark after about a year into its run. No reports, beacons, or contact was made after comeplete blackout, and at this time is assumed lost. This was a devastating financial loss and a huge blow to the Gier economy as entire generations worth of economic value was gone.

As of this moment no further information is avalible on the SECRET PARADE.



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