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The amount of detail is absolutely stunning. And overall a very striking complexion to how the body is designed. The head isn't to uniq...

Hey all! I hope you all are doing well!

Recently I've come under a heavy work flow working on multiple projects like the work I do for Takamo, And i'm hoping to have more vitality stuff up soon, including the final page for the testing comic then i can start flashing out the story and detailing the world building a bit more into a true project, AND a new animated piece I'm working on with voice acting and everything!

This week things have slowed down and i'll have some more things up on dA in the next few days, alot of the things I've done i haven't posted yet, like WIP'S and prototype drawings, are due to waiting on the green light to post and waiting for the designs themselves to be finalized.

I've had some people ask me about opening a Patreon, And i have looked into it and considering opening one up in the next few weeks, this will of course, completely change my workflow and allow me to work around the clock whether on commissioned work, personal projects, or pumping out sketches and process work. It is not set in stone at the moment but I'm debating the idea and will keep everyone updated on that.

Being an artist in my field, I've decided to dedicate myself 100% to my artwork and pursue it full time. So I am surviving off of commission work for the time being until i can find a place to plug into.

If you like my art and want to support or hire me, I am available right now for commissioned work which you can read here for more information on prices and contact.

Commission PricesHello! everyone! reminder that commissions are still open, and I have constructed a list of pricing for each item.
I specialize in graphics, character, conceptual arts, so below is a list of all items with there hourly price ranges. Of course the price of all of these will depend solely on complexity, size, and contents of each individual piece.
(PLEASE BE ADVISED!!!, I do NOT accept Bit-coin, Da points, or any other kind of online currency. Payments may only be made in US dollars "$$$" via Paypal. I DO NOT WORK FOR FREE OR NON PAYED COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS AT THIS TIME.)
Sketches -30-75

quick single character paintings 100-125

Props, Weapon designs 75-125

Clean and processed single character paintings W/O backgrounds, 125-175

Thank you all for your time! and thank you to all who follow, support and enjoy my art and projects! Every favorite, watch, share, gallery addition, and feature does so much more then you think and helps get my name out there, I wouldn't be making it without people like you! I hope all of you the best and god bless!


More guns!

Some of my favorite sidearms has to be the FN FiveSeven, Beretta Px4 Storm, Sphinx SDP Compact, HK P2000 and the CZ-75 all equally loved of course, So sometimes when i sketch guns i like to incorporate themes, systems or styles that I really like into it,

The Pistula Kripana of course is no exception.

Although I do love my big guns,  heavy rifles, boom sticks, and energy weapons, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for small arms, SMG's and PDW's.

So got one more gun Im going too have up soon, and take a break with some character sketches, and ill get back onto these guns. feel like i haven't done much of these lately anyway, and I'd like to get some designs of mine out there. 


"Developed by CAMIR and manufactured by Nain OverPath Development in the fall of the 7th Era 115 (Yassat Yahitzi standard Calendar), and 2582 AE (Updated Kasarii Calendar), This iconic side-arm of the Kenaani republic army and it's specialized forces, The Camir Pistula T-26S, more commonly known as the "Kripana" was developed as a standard semi-automatic sidearm based on other modernized blowback pistols that could be streamlined into multiple units with both standardized and modular load-outs. 

After much negative responses from the Kenaani Defense Research Forum weapon trials 2 years after it had completed its development, with most complaints of it being to heavy, sluggish mechanics, awkward barrel compartmentalization, and constant slide jams due to ineffective machining, it was sent back to CAMIR for re-development. After another year of an extensive redesign and a complete overhaul of materials, techniques and precision machining, it was re-admitted into the KRA National Arsenal testing trials and was redeemed with roaring approval from trial sponsors and research officials. With the new design completely negating all previous errors, it became fully implemented into the KRA National Arsenal the following summer. 

With its effective armor piercing choice in the 5.7x28mm cartridge, The Pistula Kripana retains a good example of a solid, effective backup weapon with the precision and stopping power to boot."
KAIMA CA-55 Anti-Material Rifle
Looks like I'm back again! 

Apologies for the delay all, just finalized  and got paperwork approved with US immigration and my fiancé is coming to the US in 20 days! WOO! now the hardest part, the wedding...

Anyway, Going to be posting a lot of vitality guns, so be ready for that, mostly redesigns and a few new ones.

First kicking it off with a redesign of the old school 55. CAL Coil Assisted Heavy Rifle 9, (CAHR or "Hammer Rifle") one of the few guns I've made that I really quite like,

in fact, you can find it in a lot of my previous work, see if you can spot them all ;) ( psst, ill get you started… )

you can view the original here…

"KAIMA TECH, officially contracted by the Kenaani Defense Research Forum and the Kenaani Republic Army, developed the CA-55 as a replacement for the previous designated sniper rifle, the Camir LSR-6 .338 L, a long range bolt action rifle that, though highly favored, had begun to show its age at the time regardless of cosmetic and internal upgrades, now relegated to specialized unit load outs for scouting and recon parties. 

This heavy but potent anti-material rifle completed its final prototype testing trials lead by Sussita Mount Developments in the summer of the 7th Era 149 (Yassat Yahitzi standard Calendar), and 2616 AE (Updated Kasarii Calendar) and flew into production 2 years later. After being very well received in field tests with selected KRA Units, it began full implementation into the KRA National Arsenal after a few short months of its release, becoming to one of the most iconic weapons of the KRA and a prime example of the some of the finest military small arms engineering Kenaan has to offer."

more to come!
Vitality Sketch Book 1: Kasarii KRA soldiers
Some sketch work I've done for my pet project Vitality, showcasing some Kasarii KRA soldiers.

been desperately  wanting to get back to sketching but things alway got in the way like time, work, and just lost interest, but I'm so glad i was able to pump out something lol, :feelsgoodman:

 will start updating my descriptions to include more fleshed out back story and such so be sure to check back.

Some GIF work I did for Fists Of Heaven, a HomeWorld and Space Fansite.

Its mostly just the Logo itself With some static passes i made for it for some cool effects :)
IMAT F36c Missile UAV

I finally feel my Vitality mojo coming back, so I'm pumped to really start getting more of this stuff going. 

I wanted to do some world building, and I've always had a hard-on for military tech, so i thought id make my own for my own story.
did some research, and took some liberties ;)


"The "Imat" F36c Missile UAV was one of the most expensive and risky military endeavors created as a defense to combat the TSDU (Tungsten Shelled Depleted Uranium Cores.) Bombardment Payloads, as well as an official aerial military asset during the highly tense socio-political "Dead Leaves Conflict" that took place in 
7th Era 152 -156 (Yassat Yahitzi standard Calendar), and 2619 AE - 2623 (Updated Kasarii Calendar) in the eastern region from Kennan, The Tairat Border Line, and the Stateless Nation of Aj, that was mostly fought between the AY3 Tetra Peace Keeping Consignment, The Kenaani Republic Army, and COA (Children Of AJ) Union Rebels.

At the time, major expansion of military assets from Kennan were moving through the eastern Border of Kebbeh Edom; a major Yassat and Yahitzi trade area established over 700 years ago, in preparation for what could be an all out war between the Nation of Kennan against the entirety of the rapidly failing Stateless nation of Aj. Large amounts of these military assets were being raided and stolen and transported disguised as civilian transports through “pounding zones” , large open tundra fields usually used by large farming communities and villagers, but have been relegated to designated defense and transport positions by the COA Union. Some of these military assets, were TSDU Bombardment Platforms, weapons capable of seismic damage on a controlled scale.

A large issue of these platforms being in service is that even though they were detectable via long range sensor radars, and were considered long range bombardment platforms, they can only be intercepted up too a limit of 32 kilometers of the impact target. The reason for this is the actual missile, is merely a housing with a trigger system, that launches the said payload (Tungsten Shelled DU Core) when it is 32 kilometers from its target, at which point it is virtually impossible to intercept.

This posed an extreme threat to not only the Kennani Republic Army’s Strategic leverage over Aj via the eastern border control, but also to the Nation of Kebbeh Edom, whom at the time were backing the COA with training, Arms, and supplies. Due to COA’s erratic and zealot like nature, Kebbeh Edom could not insure its safety from COA if they were to deploy such devastating weapons against them. 

The answer to this was the Imat, manufactured by Verschava Kai, used in service by the KDF (Kebbeh Defense Force) and Contracted for Kennan and Gedoran Forces. With it’s impressive subsonic speed and ability to slow to a steady cruise speed within 3 minutes before reaching its target area, it was designed as an answer to COA’s leverage over both Kebbeh Edom and Kenaan. Created to intercept a target at extreme long ranges and fully equipped with advanced long range sensor capability, it proved not only a solid deterrent when and if the Platforms were to be deployed and launch but also used for tactical airstrikes and missile passes for more heavily armed assault vehicles and fortifications. 

The first iterations were originally designed to be manned by a 2 pilot teamed, but the design was later scrapped in favor for increasing max engine output and an increased payload, as well as extra sensor range. Officially designated and an aerial strike and intercept UAV, it is one of Kebbeh Edom’s greatest military achievements, and raised the bar for not only military aircraft, but commercial and civilian aircraft as well, with some portions of the technology being patent out for commercial use by Private contractors and companies."



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