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The amount of detail is absolutely stunning. And overall a very striking complexion to how the body is designed. The head isn't to uniq...

Hey all! I hope you all are doing well!

Recently I've come under a heavy work flow working on multiple projects like the work I do for Takamo, And i'm hoping to have more vitality stuff up soon, including the final page for the testing comic then i can start flashing out the story and detailing the world building a bit more into a true project, AND a new animated piece I'm working on with voice acting and everything!

This week things have slowed down and i'll have some more things up on dA in the next few days, alot of the things I've done i haven't posted yet, like WIP'S and prototype drawings, are due to waiting on the green light to post and waiting for the designs themselves to be finalized.

I've had some people ask me about opening a Patreon, And i have looked into it and considering opening one up in the next few weeks, this will of course, completely change my workflow and allow me to work around the clock whether on commissioned work, personal projects, or pumping out sketches and process work. It is not set in stone at the moment but I'm debating the idea and will keep everyone updated on that.

Being an artist in my field, I've decided to dedicate myself 100% to my artwork and pursue it full time. So I am surviving off of commission work for the time being until i can find a place to plug into.

If you like my art and want to support or hire me, I am available right now for commissioned work which you can read here for more information on prices and contact.

Commission PricesHello! everyone! reminder that commissions are still open, and I have constructed a list of pricing for each item.
I specialize in graphics, character, conceptual arts, so below is a list of all items with there hourly price ranges. Of course the price of all of these will depend solely on complexity, size, and contents of each individual piece.
(PLEASE BE ADVISED!!!, I do NOT accept Bit-coin, Da points, or any other kind of online currency. Payments may only be made in US dollars "$$$" via Paypal. I DO NOT WORK FOR FREE OR NON PAYED COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS AT THIS TIME.)
Sketches -30-75

quick single character paintings 100-125

Props, Weapon designs 75-125

Clean and processed single character paintings W/O backgrounds, 125-175

Thank you all for your time! and thank you to all who follow, support and enjoy my art and projects! Every favorite, watch, share, gallery addition, and feature does so much more then you think and helps get my name out there, I wouldn't be making it without people like you! I hope all of you the best and god bless!


Rachel S'jet
A quick little doodle I drummed up while palying a bit of Homeworld: Deserts Of Kharak the past week, featuring one of my recently adored female game characters, Rachel S'jet, science officer on the Kapisi Expedition. Portrayed of course by the lovely Hayley Sales.…

Ended up usuing this for an upcoming post for a Hayley Sales Interview with FistsofHeaven, a Homeworld fan site I do graphic work for,

Ive got more FOH homeworld related artwork I need to get up and posted but I dont want to art spam, so keep in tune for some new updates!
Commission: Huscarl Loadout
Hey all, got a supplemental commission piece,

couldnt seem to to fit it and have it make sense on the original piece so we decided on making a seperate document for it.

Tried not to go super flashy with this one, hoped a more toned down approach might worked better.

MRS-S 'Jotun' MAG Rifle

"The MRS-S 'Jotun' MAG Rifle is a modified squad support weapon designed for public security organizations and private defense contractors based out of the northern parts of Europe. Officially chambered in 7.62 x 51mm NATO rounds, it also supports, including its TSDU conversion counterpart. It can be either belt or magazine fed, and includes mag well conversion kits for different munition types. With its magnetic rail assisted barrel, the weapon can achieve a truly impressive range of power and penetration without sacrificing any more then is absolutely necessary in terms of its recoil and stabilization.

One of the most impressive features of the Jotun is its modular design. Parts and equipment inside the chassis and externally can be swapped out to adjust performance, tactical use and interface tech. A popular build amongst more heavily augmented users is the overhand conversion, where the main firing grip is attached parallel to the barrel at the butt of the stock. Once plugged and hooked in, the user can attach an overhand grip on the top and hook the weapon to a stabilization arm that can be directly plugged into the user cerebral interface."

Royce & Shi Thermal Dispersion Axe

"The rise of cybernetic augmentation, in particular strength and reflex enhancements has led to melee being reconsidered as a valid alternative to firearms in certain situations. Despite the effectiveness of steel on flesh, it can only do so much against armored targets, such as robotic drones. As a result, many melee weapons are now created to have the ability to defeat metallic armor through a variety of means. In this instance, the axe has an inbuilt thermal dispersion system. This has the power to superheat the blade to the point of where a strike or two can smash through metallic armor.

Many operators still prefer to trust in their firearm however, so weapons like axes and sledgehammers are usually just used to breach through doors, walls and barriers."

SIG SAUER P210 Custom

"Although considered a relic by today's standards, the p210 has gained popularity in recent years by prolific gun traders and buyers due to the SIG SAUER merger with SWAIN, resulting in a noticeable drop of quality with its current family of firearms. The pre-merger collection, including a limited re-release of the P210 with updated modern specs, was highly sought after for prestigious notoriety and being some of the last remaining elements of true, classic Swiss gun crafting. The weapon holds its own as any other semi automatic firearm would be in today's world, being chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum, a standard munition for both military, and public/private security. Though the design shows its age, the p210 has solidified itself among other great classic firearms still used today, such as the 1911 and Makarov."


Commission: Huscarl
Hello all! 

Got another commission, done for My good friend Chrispy92

This time featuring an augmented nordic style private contractor patrolling the outskirts of a city.

Information on the Huscarl equipment, I'll be uploading weapons next. 

Bera Heavy Industries Almsman:

The Armsman is a robotic, gyro stabilized articulated arm worn by the user as a harness. Typically, it is used by engineers and construction personnel to assist in handling items and multitask. However, it does have strong military applications as well. The arm is capable of holding or mounting a weapon wielded by its user and easing some of its weight. This allows the user to utilize much heavier equipment and weaponry more effectively since the arm serves to not only make it easier to aim but also reduces weapon recoil. Variants that have gripping appendages as opposed to weapon mounts can also assist the user with swapping equipment.

While not considered cybernetic by any means, it is often commanded to do specific actions through either voice or wireless message. These commands are relatively simple such as "Stabilize Weapon" or Hold this for me." Some variants of cybernetic nature exist, but they are relatively rare due to the difficulty of learning how to control a completely new 'limb'.

Bauer Smock:

Bauer smocks were created as part of the uniform for militaries and security personnel. The smock is typically worn for adverse weather such as snow and rain but like many uniforms, it also incorporates electro-chromic threading, allowing the user to change colors and patterns on the fly. While convenient it takes a few minutes for the changes to come into effect and thus has none of the effectiveness of therm-optic camouflage. As well as this, most smocks made for the military are made with some limited thermal damping capability to reduce the visibility of the wearer on thermal sensors.

T-8 SEER Prosthetics:

Although still uncommon, most cybernetically augmented individuals get headware in the form of datajacks: a cerebral implant implanted on the skull of the user. Datajacks have the functionality of an advanced smartphone, granting access to apps such as GPS systems, telecommunications and AR functionality at all times. Importantly, it's position allows for users to take advantage of wireless mental commands, granting them the ability to communicate with electronic devices slaved to them with their thoughts, including advanced cybernetics.

Datajacks do require maintenance like other cybernetics, although this is usually done by trained professionals in controlled, sterile environments due to the sensitivity and position of the implant.

Even though datajacks are popular with those who have multiple cybernetic augmentations, others are still squeamish on the idea of what is effectively drilling a circuit board into their skulls. Trode nets are an alternative, being a series of electrodes placed on the head (typically in the form of a hat or hairnet) allowing a trained user to make mental commands without requiring surgery. However, this does come with downsides, such as noticeable low response times and connection de-calibration when used with multiple units connected to a central network, whether this is a connection port or an individual."

Always been a huge cyberpunk fan, though I don't do much cyber punk work. It was nice to really stretch my creative parts and do something related. In retrospect there's things I'd like to really explore in the future like expansive neon night city-scapes and contemporary high tech and how I see the future being, and this piece was a good exercise to start with, in fact, not even cyborgs or augmented characters have been something I've explored.

So who knows, maybe you might see some :)


More guns!

Some of my favorite sidearms has to be the FN FiveSeven, Beretta Px4 Storm, Sphinx SDP Compact, HK P2000 and the CZ-75 all equally loved of course, So sometimes when i sketch guns i like to incorporate themes, systems or styles that I really like into it,

The Pistula Kripana of course is no exception.

Although I do love my big guns,  heavy rifles, boom sticks, and energy weapons, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for small arms, SMG's and PDW's.

So got one more gun Im going too have up soon, and take a break with some character sketches, and ill get back onto these guns. feel like i haven't done much of these lately anyway, and I'd like to get some designs of mine out there. 


"Developed by CAMIR and manufactured by Nain OverPath Development in the fall of the 7th Era 115 (Yassat Yahitzi standard Calendar), and 2582 AE (Updated Kasarii Calendar), This iconic side-arm of the Kenaani republic army and it's specialized forces, The Camir Pistula T-26S, more commonly known as the "Kripana" was developed as a standard semi-automatic sidearm based on other modernized blowback pistols that could be streamlined into multiple units with both standardized and modular load-outs. 

After much negative responses from the Kenaani Defense Research Forum weapon trials 2 years after it had completed its development, with most complaints of it being to heavy, sluggish mechanics, awkward barrel compartmentalization, and constant slide jams due to ineffective machining, it was sent back to CAMIR for re-development. After another year of an extensive redesign and a complete overhaul of materials, techniques and precision machining, it was re-admitted into the KRA National Arsenal testing trials and was redeemed with roaring approval from trial sponsors and research officials. With the new design completely negating all previous errors, it became fully implemented into the KRA National Arsenal the following summer. 

With its effective armor piercing choice in the 5.7x28mm cartridge, The Pistula Kripana retains a good example of a solid, effective backup weapon with the precision and stopping power to boot."


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